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‘‘The American South is a geographical entity, a historical fact, a place in the imagination, and the homeland for an array of Americans who consider themselves Southerners. The region is often shrouded in romance and myth, but its realities are as intriguing, as intricate, as its legends."

– William R. Ferris, Director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Scholars who marched with the Hernando De Soto expedition northward from Florida in 1540 perhaps described the land in and around Parrott best:

"It lies in the same latitude as Palestine herself, that Promised Cana which was pointed out by God's own choice to bless the labors of a favored people.  Its woods and meadows, plants and climate, forests and game, flowers and agricultural possibilities make it a land of great promise."   
-History of Terrell County, Georgia.  W. H. Wolfe Associates, 1980.

They obviously were not marching in July or August; there is no mention of gnats.